– Participatory, interactive music video for Lake of Pavement

Created by Moniker, is a participatory, interactive music video for Lake of Pavement, a new track by the emerging Rotterdam based artist Jo Goes Hunting. The video is made in conjunction with Neuhaus, a temporary academy for more than human knowledge at het Nieuwe Instituut.

Jo Goes Hunting is the brainchild of Jimmi Jo Hueting. Besides his activities as a jazz drummer, he is blooming as an eccentric producer and songwriter. With the love for experimental electronic music, obscure hiphop and sixties pop in combination with his surgery style of production, he creates a sound that comes together in an innovative, flawless and versatile whole; every detail in his music has its own accurate character. Strongly influenced by his studies as a jazz drummer, rhythmic diversity is the core of each song. Contrary to what you may expect of the complexity of those rhythmic elements, the music is very danceable, uplifting and catchy. 

Neuhaus is the brainchild of Het Nieuwe Instituut founded as a means to host, generate and share knowledge, escape the destructive status quo. Neuhaus aims to explore, investigate and promote knowledge based in marginalized and unrecognised cultures, knowledge that strays far from any traditional reductionist analysis or mathematical modelling, knowledge that lives in plants, animals and machines, and knowledge that relates to the entire physical body and all of its senses.

This interactive music video could not have been built without the use of some specific tools. The shapes in the animation were made in Adobe’s Illustrator and imported into Blender, a free and open-source toolset for 3D computer graphics. In Blender team arranged the shapes and created the animations. The camera movement was done manually with the help of  a HTC Vive controller and Unity 3D. The completed scene and animation was then exported for use in three.js, a cross-browser JavaScript library to display 3D computer graphics in a web browser.  The overlaying interface is build with React and Redux and those libraries also responsible for communicating with their backend. In their backend, contributions are being processed by an application built with the Nest framework. They use Dokku to manage the applications on their server and allows them to have easy, reproducible deployments.

You can listen to Jo goes Hunting on Spotify or Soundcloud and learn about Neuhaus at Het Nieuwe Instituut. | Moniker | Het Nieuwe Instituut | Jo goes Hunting

Concept and technology by Roel Wouters & Luna Maurer (Moniker), Jolana Sýkorová, Thomas Boland and Grischa Erbe. Project was commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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