Norman – WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D

Created by James PatersonNorman is an open-source WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D. Drawing inspiration and building on the work from Rhonda (2004/05), James turned to WebVR to build the tool in Javascript that runs in a web browser and lets him animate naturally in 3D using VR controllers.

To use Norman in its current form you’ll need an Oculus Rift, and to clone/run the code locally. A more comprehensive, user-friendly experience is in the works. In the meantime, you can also view & play with Norman animations at the top of using a viewer created by Dan Motzenbecker. Check out Dan’s viewer source code here.

Watch the animated short made entirely with Norman below, view the experience (using cardboard, VR Headsets, or just in your browser), or dig into the code of the actual tool.

Project was developed with support from Google Creative Lab. Created using A-Frame and Three.js.

Project Page | GitHub |  James Paterson


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