Roger Water – Parametrically generated, animated and populated A/V experience

Created for and in collaboration with an electronic music band Niagra, Roger Water is a web based interactive 360 VR and live A/V experience by Stefano Maccarelli. The project is an a endless immersive exploration of a generative, infinite open world, set in a surreal Earth-like world, of a parallel universe connected to ours, populated by objects from modern terrestrial civilisation and terrestrial creatures that behave in unusual ways.

These landscapes are parametrically generated, animated and populated in real time, thanks to real time sound analysis, as the traveler explores them using their smartphone, in 360 or VR mode (Cardboard mode). The sound of Niagara determines in real time the shape, the colors, the mountainous and marine shape. You can fly in this infinite and ever-changing generative open world, accelerate, go up or down, launch objects and creatures, follow them, or just stay and contemplate it. 

You can also manually populate the world by launching objects and creatures, and Cardboard mode is compatible with bluetooth VR remote controllers. This generative world also reacts to time and location of the player, and features a set of secret things, so it’s a good idea explore it by moving to specific areas or by visiting it in specific hours.

Try it here →

The project is built as a webapp on top of Three.Js with Node.js + WebSocket and uses experimental WebAudio and WebMidi APIs.

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