ONull Vector Generator [Processing]

Published by CreativeApplications.Net, ONull is an image based Vector Generator for Mac OSX. It allows the user to convert images into rasterized vector graphics. This tool was developed by Kim Asendorf to give graphic designers the ability to transform small images from the Internet into printable and editable graphics.

ONull is written in Java and uses the Processing core library as graphical engine. It is available for both Mac and via Java for Windows/Linux users.

onull.net + add your creations to the ONull Flickr pool.

-16 Vector Shapes
-Vector Controls (Size, Rotation, Color Amplifier)
-Fill & Stroke Settings
-Color & Opacity Settings
-Grid Controls
-JPG, PNG & GIF Import
-PDF Export
-SVG Vector Import

I have been following Kim’s work for some time now and have been very impressed by things published on both his Flickr and site…an incredible amount of energy. ONull is just one amongst many inspiring pieces you can see here, here and here. A must follow.




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