Squarepusher x Z-Machines – The making of stupendous music machines

Some seven months ago Squarepusher and WARP records released a video titled Z-Machines, comprised of hand built robots showcasing the stupendous chops of the robot guitarist, drummer and keyboard player.

The video and installation was created in collaboration by the roboticist’s musical producer, Kenjiro Matsuo with Rhizomatiks, directed by Daito Manabe. The three robots, included MACH (Robot guitarist challenging the speed of over BPM1000), ASHURA (Robot drummer that can play the most complex rhythm on 22 drums) and COSMO (Robot keyboard player resembling a future life form) bring the “superhuman prowess” of Z-MACHINES.

The team have just released a behind the scenes video showing the effort and intricate detail put into putting this together. The scenes showing MaxMSP patches, custom built mechanics controlled by Arduino and so much more. Definitely worth a watch.

‘Music For Robots’ was released on 7th April 2014 via Warp Records. For for more information head here.

Squarepusher | Kenjiro Matsuo | Rhizomatiks



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