A knot in motion: on the accident of rain

The growing archive and web-poem are born out of a research into the material, environmental, discursive and poetic accidents around one object of interest: the tropical rain. Build upon the fiction of a knot tied between the two tropical lines along the Atlantic forest in Jundiaí (BR) and the tropical desert in El Kharja oasis (EG), the project gathers and ties together voices from artists based within the tropics speaking with and about the tropical rain through their local perspectives.

On the side of the tropical desert, the rain bounds with scarcity in drought. On the side of the Atlantic forest, the rain bounds with abundance in flood. Though seemingly in dichotomy, both sides are connected through the indeterminacy of rain in the midst of the climate crisis in the colonial aftermath within the tropics. Beyond the verticality of north/south, could tying the tropical lines in a knot turn the axis horizontally instead? What forms of wet knowledge, poetics and practices emerge from the encounters of rain? How can tropical/global justice be (re-)imagined through the lenses of rain as contingency?

Attempting to approach indeterminacy from the perspective of chaos-monde (Glissant, 1990, p. 94-95), a plurality of languages (Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, English), voice timbers, textures and speeds come together within a reaproppriated chaotic attractor system that is driven by the presence of rain in both sites in a fictional animated meteorological map.

Customized chaotic attractor system developed in P5.js + p5.sound, triggered by the presence of rain and weather prediction between the city of Jundiaí (BR) and the oasis of El Kharja (EG)

Co-developed with Islam Shabana

Project Page | Luiz Zanotello | Islam Shabana | Instagram @luizzanotello @theshabana

Developed in the frame of the residency “Magical Hackerism” at Akademie Schloss Solitude and SAVVY Contemporary, 2022/23. Cooperation with the meterological station: Base Ecológica Serra do Japi (Jundiaí, BR). Exhibition view: Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, 2023. Photograph: Jimi Liu.