Alternate Teaser to ROUTES ( Depthkit Version )

While working on ROUTES: A Multi-Perspective Exploration of Traditional Dance in Singapore, we were exploring volumetric film making to be applied to our physical holographic video installation. As we were uncertain if the pandemic situation will cancel the whole physical experience or not. So having a “Digitized” version of the dances in volumetric data, we can further expand it into the virtual world / Meta-verse etc. Fortunately, the physical exhibition was a success and ran smoothly for 3 months. But I still have all this data with me so I edited an alternate version of how the TEASER will look like in volumetric:

Using a Microsoft Kinect Azure depth sensor, rig it to a BMPCC 6K and recorded on a PC workstation running a RTX3080 graphic card ( GPU power is a must ). Using Depthkit’s volumetric video capture software, Element 3D and Plexus in Aftereffects to create this depthkit version

Here’s the local Chinese news coverage of the exhibition.

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