Below Threshold

The human breath not only helps maintain life, but also carries a conversation, both in its assistance in the verbal conversation but in the chemical composition and interaction with nature. It is an ever-changing matrix with infinite components that maintains an intriguing complexity.

“Below Threshold” is an installation that translates the natural landscape into a mechanical one. This mechanical landscape has the capacity to measure qualities of the air and react to shifts in the environment. These shifts – primarily through the presence of the viewer – activates the installation, making visible the ways our breath influences the world around us.

The installation consists of acrylic rods, servos, microcontrollers, and a gas sensor that constantly monitors the air of its environment. The data gathered from the gas sensor is translated into a shifting waveform that is meant to mimic the way wind passes through a field of tall grass.

Project Technical Info: Arduino Nano, C++, CO2 Sensor (CCS811), SG90 Servos, Acrylic

Project Page | Evan F. Christopherson | Instagram