browser fingerprinting – re|thread

Are you unique on the internet? What’s left of you when you leave a web page? How entangled are you and your device? Is your browser in the artwork or is the artwork in your browser?

On April 22 2020, we opened a browser-based, free, open software art exhibition on “browser fingerprinting”. The exhibition is co-created by the re|thread collective and all the digital visitors.

The visitors explore the art pieces that shape and are being shaped by their online presence. Browser fingerprint is a digital technology that collects different characteristics about a browser (its brand, version, extensions, etc.) and stores these characteristics in a remote server. This fingerprint is very likely to be unique for the browser of a specific user. It can be used instead of cookies to track users on the web. We let the visitors experience the fingerprint of their browser through three art works. Each work explores a different medium to unveil this invisible data that emerges from software, hardware and our personal tastes and digital habits.