Codici Visivi. New tendencies in algorithmic graphics. Exhibition, workshop and talks @TorinoGraphicDays19

During the 2019 Torino Graphic Days, TODO launches “Codici visivi. New tendencies in algorithmic graphics”, an exhibition dedicated to the contamination between graphic design and technology.

The exhibition will be held at TODO’s headquarters in Turin on September 12th, and will showcase works by international visual communication studios and designers who have experimented with new design methods based on VR, AR and coding, such as DIA studio, Process studio, Zach Lieberman and IDEO.

Codici Visivi. The exhibition.
12.09.2019, @TODO

When graphic design and visual communication meet creative coding, design norms and processes open up to the influence of algorithmic and computational principles.

Algorithmic graphics is not something new, but brings constantly new applications to the scene – stemming from technological progress as well as the opportunities for expression defined through experimentation by designers, design studios and collectives.

With “Codici visivi” (Visual Codes), TODO suggests an exhibition and research itinerary in search of the new trends in algorithmic graphics, ranging from deep learning to augmented reality and computational design. The exhibition showcases an international selection of works that, together, tell the story of graphic design and its encounter with the exploration of new forms of visual communication through digital technologies.

Workshop “Codici Visivi-New visual instruments” with
11.09.2019 – 10:00 -16:00 – @Polodel’900

During the workshop “Codici visivi. New visual instruments”, the founders of Process Studio (Wien, Austria)  will introduce designers and creative minds to generative design and to the creation of their own graphic design tools. They will show how we can create our own tools, often specifically for a project, and how to regard them as instruments to play and perform with, for clients or just for fun.

The workshop will last 7 hours and will include practice as well as a presentation about the history, concepts and practical foundations of generative design.

No prior coding experience is required, only graphic design competences and a genuine desire and openness to learn new things. One laptop per participant is required.

The workshop will be held in English and it is free of charge. Interested? Send your portfolio at to be selected, seats are limited!⚡️⚡️⚡️

Talks and panel session with, Yining Shi, Fabio Franchino.
11.09.2019 – 18:00 –  @Polodel’900

In the hands of creatives, tools such as coding and technology become instruments to implement ideas once impossible to believe. What are today’s practices around these tools and their creative development? What are the real novelties, the opportunities and the emerging needs at the crossroads between design and technology? 

The designers Martin Grödl and Moritz Resl (Process Studio), with the creative technologist and machine learning teacher Yining Shi (ITP NYU) and the computational designer Fabio Franchino (TODO), take part in a session of presentations and a public panel about their practices, reflections and visions on the topic of new tendencies at the intersection between design, technology, experimentation and openness for the visual design field.

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