Data Art-EMERGE turns traditional patent wall into realtime data painting for pingan’s exhibition centre

Commissioned by PingAn Technology, EMERGE designs and builds interactive experience based around company’s patent records, aiming to make the data touchable and memorable.

Utilizing realtime rendering & creative programming tools as design medium, the installation is driven by particle simulations, where data is transformed and visualized with natural change of particle behaviors.

10000+ patents were put into the WebGL realtime renderer, and the installation is controllable via hand gestures.

visual symbol (the crystal)

10000+ patents moving to form the visual symbol

Self-organization, formation, simulation

Data, structure, are painted algorithmically, by movement of patent entities.


To reduce nesting of the interaction flow, 3d gesture control is used.

Z-axis (distance to the control surface) is used to select individual patent, where as x/y-axises are used like a mouse, as data-vis mode selector.

designed with dual input channels, controllable with leapmotion or trackpad

Particle driven data visualization

Different ordering of particles naturally constitutes unique layouts, revealing meaning of the data.