FILE FESTIVAL 2022 – July and August Exhibitions

Electronic Language International Festival – FILE has reestablished its annual activities and invites artists, students, academics and the general public to know about the projects SUPERCREATIVITY, ANIMA+GAMES and Sticker Exhibition, in July and August 2022. Access the complete project’s content at FILE FESTIVAL.

In this edition, the festival shows more than 230 artworks that seek to overcome obstacles and build new realities. SUPERCREATIVITY invites the public to discover and interact with works by artists from 36 countries, who explore neural algorithms, programming, GANs, Virtual and Augmented Realities, digital and hybrid resources, interconnecting different fields of contemporary knowledge.

At the annual FILE LED SHOW, exhibited at the Galeria de Arte Digital, works by artists from countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and Hong Kong are featured, in collaboration with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne – KHM.

At the Sticker Exhibition, FILE presents the Spanish artist Raquel Meyers, with animations created by expanded typing in a continuous flow of 8-bit text that embodies creativity, aesthetic inventiveness, and technical expertise.

At FILE ANIMA+GAMES, project accomplished in parallel with the festival, are presented the Augmented Realities Genius Loci, by Theo Triantafyllidis and HanaHana, by Melodie Mousset, among various animations and games to expand the audience’s perception.

Access FILE FESTIVAL or @filefestival to know more.