Holographic Opening Performance for the Launch of HTX ( Singapore )

HOLOGRIX’s latest productions for Ministry of Home Affairs’s Official Launch of HTX Opening Performance was set in the year future in Singapore, we crafted a story that shows how The Home Team Science and Technology Agency ( HTX ) act as a force multiplier through technology to secure Singapore’s borders, solve crimes, save lives and protect public spaces with life – detecting robots, AI and anti-drone vehicles etc.

The 8 minutes show was created using the latest holographic technology by creating a multi-layer opening performance using tech inspired CGI with cinematic live-actions and theatrical performers. During the performance, the interplay between the 3 dimensionality: Holomesh on the frontal layer, the performers in the middle and projection mapping at the back drop, created a quasi 3-D experience. With thoughtfully crafted visuals purposely positioned and highlighted, allowing audience to experience depth without viewing aid of 3D glasses.

Conceptualisation, Creative Direction and Produced by HOLOGRIX.