Join NFT-art movement with Glitché

Since the time of the first publication on the Creative Applications, Glitché app has topped App Store charts in 116 countries and become not only just a photo editor, but one of the most advanced NFT-art tools for iPhone.

Today we’ve had the biggest update with a lot of new functions like live datamoshing, new pixel-sorting filters glitch-text generator, new AR-filters and 3D-masks.

Created by art and tech enthusiasts Vladimir Schrader and Boris Golovnev without any investments or marketing budgets, Glitché was honoured by The Webby Awards in ‘Experimental & Innovation’ and is used by world-renowned artists, photographers and motion designers. The founder of the iconic SHOWstudio Nick Knight created Travis Scott’s album cover ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ with the app, comic artist Jamie Hewlett from Gorillaz designed a bunch of music videos and scene projections for the band’s live shows, and even fashion brands like Louis Vuitton use Glitché for their advertising campaigns on social media.

It’s a perfect tool for NFT-art too because glitch-filters are based on random data and the result cannot be recreated. As for the app’s architecture, it is the most basic app ever which uses UIKit, Metal, VideoToolBox, ARKit and SceneKit, but the rendering is ours.

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