“Live code your track live” / Umanesimo Artificiale 1st Album Release

Live code your track live

Umanesimo Artificiale multimedia label first release 

Preview: 27.06.2020 (24h online A/V streaming)
Release: 28.06.2020 (Bandcamp)

‘Live code your track live’ is live code sound at its finest! 

93 minutes of the purest sounds coded live by an international community of live coders.

The 16 tracks (+1 bonus track by Renick Bell) are the result of a video series created by Umanesimo Artificiale, in which algorave and algorithmic music artists code a track live from scratch in up to 30 minutes while recording and documenting their creative process and the technology they are using and/or they have uniquely built.

The series premiered on Umanesimo Artificiale Youtube channel from March 26 to April 12, 2020. Videos are available on the Youtube channel and users can still experience the composition process of every artist.

Umanesimo Artificiale selected the finest musicians/coders ranging from livecoding artists such as Kindohm, Calum Gunn (Conditional Records label manager), Micah Frank, CNDSD, Timo Hoogland, Leonardo Foletto, Guiot, Nesso using various open source software like TidalCycles, SuperCollider and Csound, with custom-made libraries; to algorithmic music artists that use their own custom-built generative systems and instruments such as William Fields, Franz Rosati, Johan Eriksson (creator of the Automatonism), knd and Will Klingenmeier, or their unique MaxMSP patches, such as nnirror, Artiom Constantinov and Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie who has built a Mark Fell inspired sequencer.

The honour of the first track of the very first release of Umanesimo Artificiale newborn multimedia label is entrusted to Renick Bell: “one of the algorave scene’s more flabbergasting producers” writes Mixmag magazine.

The online release event will be held as an audiovisual radio show running no-stop for 24h, streaming from SR Alive, an “evolutionary” audio/video web radio. (The streaming will go live from midnight Friday, June 26th to midnight Saturday, June 27th CET).

Developed by BinaryCodedBrain, as part of an investigation into new methodologies and creative tools to augment traditional media carried out by Stochastic Resonance, SR Alive, attempts to gradually evolve the functionalities of the radio format in order to expand its language, allowing creators to experiment not only with audio content, but also with visuals, user interaction and external variables such as weather, time, geographic location, etc.

The first module of the radio is built on the basis of Hydra (link), a shader-oriented visual framework for livecoding, created by Olivia Jack, with a fervent community of visual artists and creative coders from all over the world, united by the philosophy and ethics of Live Coding.

Bandcamp (release on 28.06.2020)


SR Alive website (24h online audiovisual event on 27.06.2020)


Live code your track live / list of artists: Renick Bell (http://www.renickbell.net/), Kindohm (http://kindohm.com/), Calum Gunn (owner of http://www.conditional.club/), William Fields (https://www.williamfields.com/), Knd (https://knd.space/), CNDSD (https://vimeo.com/cndsd), Micah Frank (https://www.micahfrank.com/), Guiot (https://github.com/mxmxyz), Nesso (http://nesso.xyz/), Franz Rosati (https://www.franzrosati.com/), Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie (https://jsmishalanie.com/), Johan Eriksson (https://www.automatonism.com/), Timo Hoogland (https://www.timohoogland.com/), Leonardo Foletto (https://www.leonardofoletto.com/), nnirror (http://www.nnirror.xyz/), Artiom Constantinov (https://artiomconstantinov.wordpress.com) and Will Klingenmeier (https://www.willklingenmeier.com/).

Umanesimo Artificiale

What does it mean to be human in a World where more and more intelligent computers are taking over tasks that for centuries have belonged to human beings, and have been identified with the concept of “human being”?

Umanesimo Artificiale is a cultural association based in Italy promoting the creative use of coding. Its intent is to investigate what does it mean to be human in the era of artificial intelligence and to question the relationship between men and machines.

Artwork: Marco Pagan
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