Live set CINEMA BLACKBOX by Kyoka and Shohei Fujimoto

In this project, the human brain, which is like a black box, is captured objectively as an unknown structure and visualized through sound and visual. MRI data acquisition, brainwave(EEG) acquisition, and reconfirmation of music theory inspired by the brain (new music syntax) – through these processes, the project attempts to show the resonance of the brain and the self by treating the facts that obtains a different perspective from scientists.

Project’s structure (PDF)

Technical Info: Using MRI data(430 2D images), 62ch EEG data(Obtained at Tokyo Uni and Freie Universität Berlin), Real time EEG device IBVA and Kyoka’s music syntax as ingredients for audio visual performance.
Hardware: 12.1ch sound system, IBVA device
Software: Ableton Live, Max, openFrameworks, IBVA app

Project Page | Kyoka & Shohei Fujimoto