– A digital painting

Livegrid is an ongoing project which involves using a widely available commercial technology and packaging it up into a user-friendly and affordably product. LED matrixes have been used for advertising and other large scale displays for years now but are out of reach for consumers who lack the know-how.

By packaging the hardware into a neat package, a mobile app, and integrations with popular services like Alexa and Google Assistant, we are trying to bridge the gap between a cutting edge technology and users who simply want an experience without the hassle of getting into the nuances of it.

Run videos, picture slideshows, write notes, or just let it run cool generative patterns. The grid is bright enough to act as an ambient lamp in your room. The specific details like pricing and sizes are still being worked out but we have some estimates already.

The designer, Dhruv Kumar currently works at Jason Bruges Studio, London as a Creative Technologist.

Please visit the website for more info. And please get back to us if you fancy a chat.