[objt]- An alternative lens for browsing news

[objt] is a system that encourages people to browse news with different perspectives.

Insight: As journalism became more influential so politicians battled to control it. Journalism nowadays is about power. Power over information, Holding power to account or providing propaganda. It claimed to make and break careers, swing elections and even start wars. Algorithms created by tech giants, shape the flow of news as people like or retweet. The fact and opinions that want to share.That’s means an explosion of content, much of it false,furious and fractious. So Young people are trapped in the echo chamber and confused about what to trust, Uncertain what is true.

[objt] has three main functions;
1. Filter: You have the option to easily filter out all ideologically-spun text and information and see which words were filtered to determine the ideology of the article in question.
2. Notification: You will be told of the origins of the ideological news you are reading and all idealogical terms will be highlighted.
3. Ideological Transformation: You will only browse the news of your preferred ideology. In addition, it can also re-edit the text to the ideology you wish to read.

I have found that news is not always objective. In the environment which I grew up in, what we saw as news was merely what the government allowed us to see, which was very often not the entire picture. News was purely a means of public opinion control and a means of dissemination of political propaganda decided by ambiguous vested interests.

I also discovered through my research that this phenomenon, more or less, existed in many countries. Therefore, I hope by launching the objt system that I can raise people’s awareness and invoke discussion about the news that we consume. This is not only a means of creating a more fact-based informed public, but also gives people the ability to reanalyze the news that they currently consume.

From a critical perspective, the need of the objt device to discern ideological news within today’s chaotic media environment may be interpreted as a paradox of modern society and objt ’s existence should be an impetus for us to question our current online information system.

[objt] Manifesto:

  • [objt] does not judge any ideology.
  • [objt] offers people an option.
  • [objt] believes that the news should be objective.
  • [objt] believes the journalism should be depoliticized.

Project Technical Info

[objt] system is manly based on Arduino
The program takes a screenshot of the entire screen. —>Uploads the screenshot to Baidu OCR for character recognition.—>Return of identification results.—>Matches sensitive words with results. —> If there are sensitive words, the Arduino controller lights up and then filters or edits. If no sensitive words are found, then the program cycle begins again.

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