Phases [An Exhibition By Kai Lab]

Dates | 19th – 28th May, 2022
Times | 12noon – 7pm
Location | Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG
Tickets | timed entry by donation – BOOK HERE
Contact | insta: @kai.lab_ / /

Repeating cycles shape our behaviour and environment. From the rotation of the Earth, to the beat of the heart, much of what we perceive and experience moves with a regular pattern.

Periodic events can meet and join to create perceivable phenomena: the eclipse from the alignment of Earth and the Moon, the energy spike when all our lights turn on at the end of the day, the chaotic sound patterns that emerge from a field of cicadas. All of these macroscopic effects result from the repeating behaviours of individual elements moving in and out of phase.

Kai Lab presents a series of artworks that each explore the intriguing, beautiful, and often disruptive effects that emerge from repeated patterns in cyclical systems. Some of these manifest as chaotic and uncontrollable, while others are gentle and ordered. In all cases, the works distil what drives the real-world phenomena that shape much of our experience.

Kai Lab are an arts and design practice that create sonic, electronic and mechanical artworks. With backgrounds in the physicals sciences, they place an emphasis on research and development. Their work is driven by the desire to understand and represent core components of intriguing natural systems.