Here is another use case of my Click Canvas project. Can an interactive wall that was intentional to be used for creativity being used for an interactive exercise game?

This project was being developed to be exhibit in Bhiraj tower (luxury office rental in Bangkok) Christmas exhibition as a thank you gift for the rental. Bhiraj tower wants to promote work-life balance for the office worker.

The graphic for this project was being designed by Wee Viraporn [Conscious’ design director]. He also is my partner on this project.

The way this game work is to press as many green buttons as possible in 30 seconds. My best score is 36 points. Some office workers manage to break my record for 37 points (DAMN).

Here is some footage from my playtesting at Yelo House Gallery:

After playtesting, everything seems to be working out just fine, just need to add a little bit of sound effect.

Everyone seems to be happy with this interactive project and me too. I can want to develop a second version of this game and double team play could be fun.