Remember Tomorrow: A Telidon Story / InterAccess

Presented in honour of InterAccess’s 40th anniversary this exhibition, curated by Shauna Jean Doherty, celebrates Telidon, the Canadian-made technology that inspired the artists who founded InterAccess in 1983.

Telidon was a networked computer graphic system developed in a lab by the federal government, a decade before the World Wide Web. Ahead of its time, it enabled Canadians to interact with information from home using televisions connected to phone lines and special Telidon hardware.

From 1981 to 1987, artists experimented with the limitations and potentialities of Telidon, creating some of Canada’s first computer art. Stored on floppy disks, it was thought that this significant period in digital art experimentation had been lost when the Government of Canada announced the cancellation of the Telidon initiative in 1985 and the hardware needed to view their contents fell into obscurity.

Remember Tomorrow: A Telidon Story presents Canada’s first networked computer artworks while capturing the excitement that surrounded the technology in its day with archival equipment, a collection of ambitious promotional material and 12 restored interactive works, most of which have never been on public display.

Featured artists: Adele D’Arcy, John Fekner, Robert Flack, Benjamin Gaulon, John Gurrin, Glenn Howarth, Don Lindsay, Pierre Moretti, Andrew Owens, Paul Petro, Douglas Porter, Jerome Saint-Clair, Geoffrey Shea, Nell Tenhaaf and Peter Zmudzki.

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Opening Reception | September 6, 2023, 7 – 9PM
Restoration Presentation | September 8, 2023, 6 – 7:30PM | Registration link here