Shanshui-DaDA: AI assists human creator in drawing Chinese ink wash landscape painting

“Shanshui-DaDA” is an interactive installation based on artificial intelligence. When participants scribble lines and sketch the landscape, the AI will help to create a Chinese Shanshui painting.

“Shanshui-DaDA” is trained with “CycleGAN” and wrapped with a web-based interface, where participants can sketch on and later see the real-time generated paintings. If the participant sketches the landscape in his/her imagination with lines on the front interface, the “Shanshui-DaDA” will assistant to create a Chinese Shanshui painting and present in the display. Here is a demo video recorded when “Shanshui-DaDA” is first presented in public: Shanshui-DaDA(First Demo with Participants)

“Shanshui” literally means “mountain and water”, also known as literati painting, it’s is an East Asian type of brush painting of Chinese origin that uses ink and involves natural landscape. As a key element of what Chinese calls literati arts — or amateur arts of the scholars, Shanshui painting used to be along with their education, the Chinese scholars were all trained in this forms of fine arts. This art form is, in a long history, an essential part of the spiritual life of the entire community of ancient Chinese intellectuals. But the tradition is vanishing. “DaDA” refers to “Design and Draw with AI”, explains the goal of exploring the possible role of artificial intelligence in (traditionally human-oriented) creative processes — such as drawing and design. And the artificial intelligence – “Shanshui-DaDA” will enhance modern Chinese people again with the ability to use Shanshui painting as an expressive medium and to enrich their spiritual life.

More info can be found here: Shanshui DaDA


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