The immersive space morphs and alters with light and becomes solid, its pressure composing and decomposing the self-awareness of skin. The dancer’s body is extended and manipulated as a conscious entity, exceeding the physiological object. The constant feedback between the body’s trajectory and interaction with the environment changes the nature of the object itself.

The embodied, symbiotic relationship of light, sound, and space is central to this performance. The performer uses their body as a self-aware agent to adapt to the surrounding sensory environment. The piece crosses the intersection of technological interventions, architectural fabrication, and contemporary dance performance. Forty laser beams controlled by machine learning algorithms read and encode choreography. Synergies of futuristic lighting and surrounding screens create a brief detachment from reality. Computer vision is utilised with computational precision along with the control of body movement.

Full-length video:



Director & Creator | Friendred
Installation & Fabrication & Computation | Friendred
Visual design & Interactive design | Friendred
Choreographer | Luigi Ambrosio
Sound producer | Joy Lee | John Xie
Performer | Luigi Ambrosio | Bianca Vrcan
Cinematographer | Arturas Bondarciukas | Joseph Rodrigues Marsh | Darel Di Gregorio
Post Production | Friendred