Space Odyssey – Azure Kinect & TouchDesigner Powered Interactive Projection

Commissioned by GOFY, Hologrix’s Space Odyssey is an interactive installation that takes audiences on an immersive journey through outer space. We created three real-time generative scenes using TouchDesigner software and projected onto a 12-meter-wide canvas on the façade of a building.

The installation uses Microsoft’s Azure Kinect device to track motion data of participants as they interact in front of the sensor. Using TouchDesigner software to process the tracked data of the participants and map onto our real-time generative “avatars” as a metaphorical “alter-self in the metaverse”, participants can interact with the stars using their avatars, providing a natural and intuitive experience.

Since the installation was outdoors, light played a huge factor in the visibility of the projection; we used a Panasonic 31K projector, as its high lumens output helped to mitigate some of the brightness of the environment. As the installation was running daily from 7pm – 11pm for 2 months, automating as much of the daily processes was crucial. We ran a custom script to activate the system and autorun the program at allocated times. We were also able to troubleshoot remotely as we installed a surveillance camera system for the team to monitor the hardware, and used TeamViewer to remotely adjust settings from our office.

The installation offered a captivating and inclusive opportunity for all participants to journey beyond our planet into outer space. Being situated in a public area, the installation welcomed people of all ages to join in at any time. We were delighted to see young children and grandparents alike participate in the interactive activities, which were designed with intuitiveness in mind, making them accessible to everyone.

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Credits: Conceptualised by HOLOGRIX (Concept), GOFY (Creative Agency), Jason Ho (Project Lead), Tiffany Soh (Project Producer), Daniel See (Executive Producer & Technical Director), Kenny Yek (Creative Director), Jonathan Shi & Ian Pereira (Production Assistant), Chawanan Inkumnoi (Tech Lead), H-Lab (Touchdesigner Tech Support), Downtown East (Venue and Equipment), Hologrix (Behind the Scenes Video) + Supported by National Art Council (NAC)