The March – Aleksiej Cecocho

The March is a study of the relative presentation of events by the media that forms post-truth. Every screen becomes another television channel presenting the behavior of a set of points in a different way. And the viewer becomes involved in the events, whether they want it or not. Their role in them depends on the situation: they can be aggressors, victims of violence, or indifferent passers-by. Every “channel” speaks to us in an incomprehensible bubble framed in a completely random, derivative, and abstract language of visual communication. The March has no beginning or end; each move is followed by another. It also has no specific purpose, seeming to exist only for the media presenting it in various shades.

Created with Processing using MidiBus, OpenKinect and Iris 2 Izotope software. Hardware includes Kinect 1, 4 x Screens HD and a loudspeaker.

The program generates points that move from left to right. These objects pass from screen to screen. On each such screen, new abstract elements of visual communication are generated, referring to the style of news channels. The points interact with the squares we control (through Kinect) – they can attack them, be victims of their aggression, or act neutrally. Everything is accompanied by sounds generated by our movement next to the screens (Kinect).

Project Page | Aleksiej Cecocho

Aleksiej is student of PMKA_multimedia.