Vim by ONUT – Raising awareness about violence against women in the digital space

ONUT are Alix Martínez and Juan Real. Two Spanish multimedia artists and residents in London since 2012. With more than twenty years of experience in digital design, technology and innovation, ONUT is their vehicle to express reflections of the world we are living in while generating (self) reflection and critical thinking through art.Bringing alternative perspectives to people by crafting new experiences & narratives through art.

Vim is an ad-hoc installation that reflects on the normalisation of digital violence in our day to day lives.

Its purpose is to raise awareness about violence against women in the digital space. Violence has been so normalised, it exists around us, without us noticing it. In 2019, in a world where technology is at the core of our existence, violence has not disappeared. Violence has evolved into new forms, some of them more sophisticated. The harm and target remain the same: violence against women.

These types of violence include online harassment, defamatory statements, hate-speech, cyberstalking, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos or videos, publication of obscene materials online (‘revenge porn’), distribution of ape and ‘sex videos’, photo perversion, cyber pornography, obscene propaganda, hacking, denial-of-service attacks, gender-based slurs, publication of private personal information (‘doxxing’), impersonation, extortion, rape and death threats, electronically-enabled trafficking, and sexual exploitation of minors.

Vim is part of Sheroes–Revoluciones (by Lon-art), a project designed to draw attention to violence against women providing a platform for 30 women artists, survivors and change-makers.

Vim | ONUT