Voyage – William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings – A Holographic Journey

In “Voyage”, we travel through Southeast Asia, exploring its flora and fauna through watercolours selected from the National Museum of Singapore’s William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

These drawings were commissioned by William Farquhar, a Scottish officer of the British East India Company who eventually became Singapore’s first resident and Commandant in 1819. The brief was to repackage the exhibition as a digital installation for the National Museum of Singapore to take around the world.

We redesigned igloovision’s cylinder into a portable holographic exhibition capsule that showcases the galaxy of paintings amid paint splashes, exploding paintings and other surreal scenes in a visual journey through Southeast Asia. This behind the scenes look shows the work that went into setting up “Voyage”. The animals and plants were selected from over 477 drawings, and painstakingly animated into lush landscapes and aquatic worlds by Nikami Studio. Accompanied by music compose by Felix Phang and sound design by Mandric Tan and projected onto our proprietary Holomesh, we then created an illusion of depth in the installation, bringing visitors on an immersive journey through Southeast Asia.

We hope to imbue a sense of wonderment and inspire the world to visit Singapore and discover the stories behind the paintings.

“Voyage” was presented at the National Museum of Singapore from 19-27 August as part of Singapore Night Festival 2022.

Conceptualised by HOLOGRIX
In Collaboration with NIKAMI STUDIO
Executive Producer & Technical Director – Daniel See
Creative Director – Kenny Yek
Animation Director – Nick Teo
Animation by NIKAMI STUDIO
Music Composer – Felix Phang
Audio Sound Design – Mandric Tan
Cylinder and Hardware – igloo vision
Projection Specialist – Eddy Yanto
BTS video director – Nick Teo
Camera Opt – Jaye Neo
Film Production – JT productions
Editor – Ian Pereira

Special thanks to Ben Quek and family & Ian Pereira and Kimberly Ng for helping with the filming

Commissioned by National Museum of Singapore (NMS)

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