Wireless Fidelity Workshop

How to materialize invisible data, inherent to wireless communication protocols?

Author: Béatrice Lartigue, Lab212
Commissioned by: ISDAT, Toulouse, FRA
Course: Master Design
Topic: WiFi, “Wireless Fidelity” refers to a set of communication protocols used for wireless data transmission within a computer network.

“Wireless communication is thus invading our functional space. Some people speak of an ambient network, like the ambient air, in which we are immersed.”

Encyclopædia Universalis

Objectives: This workshop aims to:

  • Question the uses and properties of communication protocols – such as WiFi
  • Question the materiality of non-visible phenomena as an artistic potential.
  • Through the discovery and experimentation of programming environments and languages – such as Arduino:
  • Introduction to electronics (concept, board, electronics, programming language, libraries, online resources…)
  • Realization of a prototype of real-time in-situ WiFi network tracking.

The final objective is:

  • The conceptualisation and materialisation in space of the captured data (via the functional prototype, or open source databases), through the achievement of a tangible device (paper model, sound, light…).

Tools: Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, OLED display, Li-Po battery, Lego, sensors, motors…
Collaboration: Dominique Leray, Atelier Machina, ISDAT
Photos: Franck Alix

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