Register Now! LISA 2013 November 1, 2013 – New York

LISA-transparent-logoOn November 1, a jam-packed event will strengthen the community of people who work at the intersection of art and technology, whether for passion, profit, or pleasure.   What cutting-edge technology is at the forefront of creativity today?  What differentiates the software art that’s getting into museums and private collections? How can you open source art and why should you care?  Is there a problem with interactive advertising?  Are Makers and Hackers the next Internet startups?

Maybe you’ve been coding in Processing, but not in Processing for the Web, Processing.js.  Or maybe you’re discovering that limiting yourself to Photoshop and AfterEffects skills is not going to cut it if you intend to stay relevant in today’s design world.  Maybe it’s time for your museum to put a toe into so-called “New Media” art, but you don’t know where to begin.  Your job as a vanilla-ish coder could use a little more creativity.  Your marketing campaign could use a little more zest. Or maybe you need to find someone to make that new app you’ve been dreaming about – the one with the mind-exploding interactive visuals.  As many ways as there are for your passion and your work to meet at the intersection of art and technology, LISA is thinking it through for you, making it happen, and creating an experience where you can meet the people you need to move forward.  We want you to see what our artists are up to, meet folks to work with, and slingshot yourself ahead of the curve with what you see and hear at LISA.

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