Noby Noby Boy [iPhone]

The long awaited Noby Noby Boy from Keita Takahashi is now available in the AppStore. We wrote about it few times in the past, most recently only few days ago with the release of wonderful videos but now we can finally immerse ourselves in the wonderful world Keita has created. What first started as a PS3 downloadable, described as a virtual playground than a game (fingergaming), Noby Noby Boy puts players in control of a stretchable, snake-like creature that can devour objects in the world around him. Keita first revealed his intentions to create an iPhone version of the at this year's Game Developers Conference, since then we have been eagerly awaiting the iPhone release. I, unfortunately (still waiting for my PS3) never played the PS3 version but from what I have seen and read there was something that instantly drew me in. I don't think these were the graphics or gameplay but rather the combination of both creating a world you are both unfamiliar and familiar with. A visual playground navigated by a creature as absurd as objects surrounding it. Is this absurdity that I enjoyed or was it the peculiar, unfamiliar and the exciting 'never seen before'. I think it is my déformation professionnelle being an architect that always makes me question things but this may be why I enjoy things that sometimes are not clear nor easy to comprehend. At the same time some things do not need be understood to be enjoyed but rather it is our emotional response that may draw you in. If iPhone as an object of commodity fetishism, it is perfect for such absurdity. Whether this be only a self-expression, Noby Noby Boy takes over your device. If Apple would allow background processes, I could see Noby Noby Boy taking all the foreground. Your calendar would suddenly have a creature crawling all over it and while you scan for address book contacts there would be a fairy stealing all your numbers. Noby Noby Girl would grow so long, that you would have only a single chance to scroll to "z" and before you knew it the 'A' would spring back. You may ask why, and with that I say "why not". The only limitations to Noby Noby Boy are iPhone hardware limitations or to be more correct is what Apple would approve. Noby Noby Boy makes use of GPS, Camera, Email, Music, Time, Photo Library, Safari Browser and so much more. I do not think there is an app in the appstore that makes use of iPhone services as much as Noby Noby Boy does. I could go on and explain what each one of them does but I prefer to leave that to you, to discover via each and every wonderful little pop up. If you already have the app, you know of all the things I mention here. If you 'aven't got it yet, well, time to stop reading this post, find the iTunes button below and buy now. This is the one for all. Noby Noby Boy, please save the world from this boredom!

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