60 Seconds – Call for Mobile and Interactive Projects

Interactive Creators: Explore the Short Form. The Very, Very Short Form.

Life is short, today more so than ever. We want it all. We want it now. And we want it fast. But just because something is bite-sized doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in depth or feeling.

We’re asking artist-creators to develop mobile and interactive experiences that are funny, moving, engaging or thought-provoking. You can be a designer, a writer, a creative coder, a digital artist, a musician or a game designer. You can be independent or part of a studio or collective.

Ten winners: 10,000€ each

An international jury made up of artists, producers and journalists will select the ten best entries that meet our criteria, embrace the theme of mobility, and respect the 10 rules of engagement. The ten winners will receive up to 10,000€ to produce their project and premiere it at IDFA DocLab festival in Amsterdam in November 2017.

Time is ticking. Send in your project proposals before Monday April 10 2017 @noon.

The Rules:

  • Is a 60-seconds experience.
  • Is about mobility and demonstrates it through the use of smartphone features.
  • Works in a mobile browser, no native apps.
  • Brings personal and social media data into the story.
  • Interacts with users intuitively. We don’t need a navigation menu.
  • Is not a film.
  • Uses sound.
  • Is accessible to an international audience.
  • Own or have had all rights released on all creative and technical assets.
  • Break one of the creative rules (4 to 8) and explain why.


You can see the full technical brief and information on how to submit your proposal here. Submissions close 10 April 2017 @ noon. Proposals must be presented in French or English.

All submissions, questions, or requests for clarification can be addressed by email to veryveryshort@idfa.nl. Questions may be written in French or English.@

More about 60 Seconds –Mobile and Interactive Projects

In 2014, the National Film Board of Canada and ARTE launched Interactive Haikus to give digital artists the chance to create short-format experiences that pack a punch. And now in 2017, the NFB and ARTE in collaboration with IDFA DocLab are calling on interactive creators to develop a mobile and interactive project for the smart phone.


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