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Déguster l’augmenté – Adding new dimensions to food

‘Déguster l’augmenté’ is a collaborative project by Erika Marthins with ECAL (Bachelor Media & Interaction Design) that questions if food could be augmented and technology provide a new dimension to how we experience a meal.

The project expands three desserts, exploring the potential of integrating data information in the most common thing (food) but keeping the experience poetic. A wedding of sound and chocolate – where cake behaves like a music record, poetry embedded in a lollipop and edible robotics in the form of a dessert.

Credits: Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne, Gaël Hugo, Christophe Guignard, Cédric Duchêne (Tutors) and Laura Perrenoud, Tibor Udvari, Romain Cazier, Marc Dubois (Assistants). Filmed and edited by Erika Marthins and Pauline Saglio.

Created in collaboration with Chef Fabien Pairon Ecole hôtelière de lausanne, RayForm (Rayform light shaping technology), Jun Shintake Laboratory of Intelligent Systems(EPFL) with special thanks to: Michel Ferla (EHL), Dario Floreano Director of Laboratory of Intelligent Systems(EPFL). | ECAL – Bachelor Media&Interaction Design | Erika Marthins

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