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Femmebit – Celebrating LA Women Working in Video & New Media

Femmebit is a curated festival featuring the most current and relevant work in the field of video art and new media— uniting an all-female roster of artists working in Los Angeles. The event will include livestream broadcasts of special programs including panels and workshops, and an onsite VR exhibition with live VR-streaming. 

The event focuses on representing female artists in Los Angeles and is a celebration that openly acknowledges a true, interconnected wellspring and force majeure demanding nationwide recognition. Each day of Femmebit encompasses unique programs framing varied points of conversation— exploring topics such as the artist’s identity in a corporate world, the screen as avatar and persona, and how the anatomy of video— as a user tool and malleable architecture— induces possibilities for cultivating and sculpting an empowered female form. From symposiums to screenings, Femmebit aims to propel a dialogue around a fluid medium; a dialogue focused on how women working with and between technologies enable progressive ideas to be born through active creation; and how we, as creators and proponents of this field, must work together to shape, share, and grow a future that is female.

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Dates: November 18, 19, and 20, 2016
Location: Human Resources Los Angeles (HRLA)
410 Cottage Home St., Los Angeles, 90012

Artists includeAlex Brown, Alex Pelly, Amanda Joy, Amanda Siegel, Ann Hirsch, Anna Wittenberg, Annapurna Kumar, Anne Bray, Camella Kim, Casey Kauffmann, Claire Evans, Claire Marie Vogel, Danielle Parsons, Eileen Cowin, Eva Aguila, Giselle Zatonyl, Isabelle Albuquerque, Jacquelyn London, Jane Mi, Jeanette Bonds, Jeepneys, Jenny Sayaka Nono, JJ Stratford, Julie Weitz, Julieta Gil, Kate Hollenbach, Kate Parsons, Kriz Tonian, Kyttenjanae, Laura Darlington, Maria Lynch, Mitra Saboury, Petra Cortright, Rachel Mason, Sam Vernon, Sarah Zucker, Selwa Sweiden, Suzy Poling, The Institute for New Feeling, Yo-Yo Lin, Sarah Manuwal and more.

Panelists and event hostesses include: Samantha Culp (Cofounder of Paloma Powers) Joanne McNeil (writer and former editor of Eyebeam and Rhizome) Holly Willis (Chair of the Media Arts + Practice Division, USC) Candace Reckinger (Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts, Director of the Jaunt Cinematic VR Lab) Rebecca Allen (Founding Chair of UCLA Design Media Art, Founding Director of Nokia Research Lab) Casey Kauffmann (Artist and Creator of @UncannySFValley), and Natalie Sun (creative technologist and Founder of Next Art).

↑ Image top: Julie Weitz, Double Vision Self Love. Video still1, 2016. Image courtesy of the artist.

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