Inaugural Processing Community Day / October 21, 2017 / MIT Media Lab

Processing Community Day is a day to come together, celebrate, reflect, and look forward.  This event will bring together members of the community to discuss work, share ideas and experiences, and promote outreach to new members, particularly those who are underrepresented in creative and technological fields.

Speakers Ben Fry, Lauren McCarthy, and Casey Reas (Processing Foundation Board of Directors) will talk about the day’s theme “Convening for the first time.” Processing Foundation Fellows will talk about new projects, development on the code, and community outreach programs. Eva Díaz (Art historian, Pratt) will talk about her book The Experimenters: Chance and Design at Black Mountain College in relation to the open source community.

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, US

Workshops – Daniel Shiffman (Processing Foundation Board of Directors) will present “The Coding Train: Live Onstage” inspired by his popular YouTube channel for learning coding with more than 300K followers. Fathom Information Design will lead a participatory workshop based on their Information Design class at MIT. Johanna Hedva (Director of Advocacy at the Processing Foundation) and Sydette Harry (Editor of Mozilla network and Editor-at-Large for Coral) will lead a workshop on possibilities for inclusive open creation in online communities.

Processing Community Day will culminate in lightning talks and demo sessions by Processing users and community members. This event is open to people of all ages and abilities.

For questions, contact the Processing Community Day organizer Taeyoon Choi at or


↑ ↓ Photos: p5.js Contributors Conference gathered a diverse group of approximately 30 participants at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry in May 2015.

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, US
October 21, 2017, 10am – 6pm
Tickets: $30 / $15 for students


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