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Interactive Architectural Projection Mapping – Call for Proposals

With their seemingly endless stream of public art programming you could make the case that Montreal’s Quartier des spectacle is one of the more forward thinking urban cultural producers in the world. Quartier des spectacles has posted a call for innovative interactive projection mapping projects and their ponying up up to $10,000 (CAD) funding, expert tutelage to support selected projects’ development, and the opportunity to present finished works near the bustling Saint-Laurent metro station. Details on the process:

A first round of selections will be made based on preliminary concepts. Five semi-finalists will receive a $1,500 grant for developing a prototype for presentation to the jury and the general public during the MUTEK_IMG event in April, 2018. Project leaders will also give a presentation on their creative approach, as part of a conference on mapping. Next, three finalists will be selected. They will receive a $3,500 grant and an invitation to a workshop with experts in the field, to help advance their prototype toward presentation of an improved version during the MAPP_MTL festival in October 2018. Two $5,000 CAD grand prizes will be awarded during that event: the Jury Prize and the Audience Award.

Proposed projects need to incorporate one or more of the following for interactivity: “tablet (iOS or Android) with an app that provides X, Y positioning via OSC; Kinect V2; microphone (SM58 type or equivalent); videogame controller (Xbox One).” The deadline for sending a proposal along is noon (EST) February 12th, full submission info is available here.

Quartier des spectacles | MUTEK | MAPP_MTL

CAN/HOLO is MUTEK’s programme partner for the upcoming MUTEK_IMG festival this spring. For updates on this and other events we’re involved in, see our Events Page.

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