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Meandering River – onformative’s newest audiovisual installation to premiere at Funkhaus Berlin, July 28 to 30

Next week, Berliners are in for a real (if brief) treat: from July 28 to 30, onformative’s newest audiovisual installation will take over the halls of the Funkhaus Sound Chamber. Here’s what we know: at once dynamic simulation and vibrant, painterly landscape, Meandering River is set to capture the gradual flows of natural systems in all their glory:

“We experience changes of our fast-moving world as a snapshot. Often not visible to the naked eye, landscapes are gradually shaped by natural forces over time. The fluctuations and rhythmic movement of rivers are a glimpse into the past, as traces provide evidence of the constant transformations that surround us.”

Spanning multiple suspended screens within Sound Chamber’s concrete cavern (see mockup below), Meandering River is a multi-channel video installation featuring realtime-generated visuals set to a generative soundscape. Based on a custom-written algorithm, the colourful, abstract imagery mimics fluctuating river landscapes while the music, composed by fellow Berliners Kling Klang Klong, constantly reinterprets river patterns and surface shifts in classical tones. Together, sound and imagery will create a “unique awareness of time”, drawing us into what the studio describes as an “intense emotional journey” that reminds us of nature’s beauty, its complexity, and capacity for slow, but dramatic change.

We are looking forward to be joining the Berlin community at the opening on Friday, July 27, and will report back with a review, making-of, and interview in August. Check out CAN’s coverage of other onformative work here.

Meandering River is a collaboration between onformative and Funkhaus Berlin and will be on view from July 28 to 30 (1 – 8pm) at the Funkhaus Sound Chamber. For details and updates check the event page on Facebook.

Meandering River | onformative | Funkhaus Berlin Sound Chamber

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