New CA Logo + CSS [News]

As you might have already noticed CAN has a new logo and with this the new css. It’s been long since we started thinking about it and it’s an absolute pleasure to see it all finally out there. None of this could have been possible without Just Be Nice, especially Stas Khrustalev who put immense energy in making the new logo for CAN. We absolutely love it and by the response we have received we think you like it too.

The logo is driven by many CAN ideas. We are a network but we are also a field of somewhat disconnected projects that come together under CA. We also love generative, the way things seem to find their own logic via random.

CAN has also received CSS refresh, to work with the new logo. We loved the old look but we wanted to move forward, leave drop shadows and bevels behind and look at simple, clean new layout. We also removed a number of things we felt cluttered the site but the Twitter feed in the sidebar might be back.

Music: Nosaj Thing — 1685/Bach (Alpha Pup Records)

Please note this is just the beginning, the refinements still need to take place so if you come across some oddities, please bear with us.

Next: propagate new logo to App.CAN site and CAN apps themselves…and before you ask, t-shirts are definitely coming (see below)!

Much gratitude also goes to Philip Whitfield who created Processing version of the logo you can download here (Mac, Windows, Linux).

Music: Nosaj Thing — 1685/Bach (Alpha Pup Records)



16 comments on “New CA Logo + CSS [News]

  1. +1000 for the logo! I took a look at Just Be Nice’s other works and must say I really fell for Russia Market Focus 2011 (haven’t had time to see the rest yet). Splendid work. Talented to the max.

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