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NODE17: Designing Hope / 26.6-2.7 2017 / Frankfurt, Germany

In just a short few weeks, NODE is back for another edition and invites you to take part in a week long exploration of creative technologies. From 26th June – 2nd July Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, StudioNAXOS/Theater Willy Praml, Robert Johnson, Yachtklub and other satellites turn into vibrant hubs for open exchange, hands-on experiments and reflection.

This year’s edition, titled “Designing Hope”, looks to explore who shapes out hopes today and what are the means and goals used to translate our fears and desires into images that incite feelings of hope. In this search, NODE questions what role does the design of technological infrastructures play in this ever changing landscape.

Between collective hopes for a better, peaceful life in the Global Village on the one hand, and feelings of disempowerment in the face of a more complex digitized environment on the other, NODE17: Designing Hope sets out to discuss the responsibility and potential of technology and design practices.

Workshops: Creative Coding Education and Making with vvvv

The one-week workshop programme defines software programming not from a technical and functional perspective, but focuses on creative techniques and possibilities. Based on the visual development environment vvvv participants will learn about ‘Creative Coding’, a worldwide established term in the digital design process.  Creative Coding extends the expressive repertoire of creative disciplines by using the potential of digital technologies. The workshops address students, researchers, creators and makers from a range of domains, such as theatre, arts and music as well as interaction design, architecture and many, many more.

The spectrum of genres and involved media is multifaceted covering interactive installations with gesture and skeleton tracking, projection, light and sound, or Virtual Reality experiments, internet based applications and 3D printing.

NODE is a hub for Creative Coders of the open-source community congregating around the software toolkit vvvv. Here they meet to exchange and discuss their knowledge and know-how. The interested public is not only cordially invited to meet and be inspired by our international experts at NODE’s open hackspace, but can also make their first hands-on experiences in one of the beginners workshops.

Selected workshops amongst many others:

Introduction to Designing Interactive Environments with the Software Toolkit vvvv (for beginners, the interested public, career changers and especially students from departments of design, arts and coding)
Introduction to Programming Virtual Reality (for coders, game and interaction designers)
Projection Mapping (for scenographer, interaction designers and architects)
Hacking Sex Toys (for girls, career changers and tinkerers)
3d printing with Ceramics (for product designers and artists)
Creating Parametric Objects from Paper (for architects and designers)

– Plus daily workshops in generating real-time 3d graphics (for motion designer, game developers, VJs and designers in general). Full list is available here.

With: Arístides García (ES), Christian Loclair (Waltz Binaire, DE), Christian Engler & Jens Alexander Ewald (Muthesius Kunsthochschule, DE), David Morasz (UK/HU), Ekaterina Danilova (IdwyR, RU), EveryoneIsHappy (BTN), Intolight (DE), Joreg (vvvv group, DE), Kobakant (AT/DE), Natan Sinigaglia (IT), Sabrina Verhage (NL) & Carolien Teunisse (NL), SchnelleBunteBilder (DE), Woeishi Lean (AT) and many more


↑ Life is Good for Now – Video Installation by Ludwig Zeller and Bernd Hopfengärtner at NODE17: Designing Hope

With projects by Adam Harvey, Alacoque Ntome, Amelia Marzec, Amelie Hinrichsen, Awuor Onyango, Benjamin van Bebber, Burak Arikan, César Escudero Andaluz, Eden Mitsenmacher, Else Tunemyr, F.A.T. Lab, Felix Kosok, Florian Egermann, Heath Bunting, Jared Onyango, Jeremy Bailey, Kathia von Roth, LAb[au], Lauren McCarthy, Leo Hofmann, Lilian Nejatpour, Martìn Nadal, Marshmallow Laserfeast, Melisa Allela, Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (Kobakant), Milad Forouzandeh, Mohsen Hazrati, Neue Dringlichkeit, onformative, Pinar Yoldas, Simon Weckert and Tega Brain.

Opening – Monday 26 June / 18:30

Happenings, Performances, Concerts & beyond

During several nights, NODE invites its visitors to question traditional forms of performance and to immerse themselves in a multitude of cross-disciplinary projects. Over the course of the festival week, performers and musicians are showcasing multi media live performances, AV live sets, theatre plays, concerts and dj sets that experiment and test future forms of instrumentality, composition and performance practice.

↑ Rainer Kohlberger ‘Brainbows’ / part of the opening show for NODE17: Designing Hope / Monday, June 26th 2017

Next to the scheduled line up, artist talks & panel discussions will discuss the role of musicians and performers in promoting social change, using music as a political outlet and forms of resistance & activism.

NODE17 Performances

Paula Temple & Jem the Misfit, Leo Hofmann, Lucy Railton & Peter Zinovieff , Andi Otto & MD Pallavi, BBB_, Rainer Kohlberger, Matthias Schäfer, The Hacking Orchestra (KISD), Avbvrn – live more to be announced

NODE _ STAY at Robert Johnson 

Umfang, Leibniz (live) Elena Sizova, Solaris Visuals by Idwyr & Anthokio.

NODE17 Closing

Saturday, July 2nd
Mousonturm, 8 PM
Yachtklub, 11 PM
Tickets available online and
Box Office Ticket sales


Confirmed Speakers: Maren Urner, Christine Wagner, Fabian Scheidler, Maren Urner, Samim Winiger, Kris DeDecker and many more moderated by Sebastian Oschatz. The symposium also includes many other activities including Panel Discussions with Jacob Lefton, Michael Hirdes and many more.

Youth Hackathon ‘Jugend Hackt’

NODE invites the pioneers of tomorrow: young programmers from age 12 – 18 join the leading tech experts and get in touch with an international community of creative programmers. In the three day hackathon, the participants will learn the skills to re-appropriate technology in a creative way.

In cooperation with Open Knowledge Foundation &


An international working group of artists and designers has been invited to function as the festival redesign agency. Over the course of 5 months they investigated the festival as a hopeful space. Based on interviews with audience and team members, they designed a series of interventions and products for the festival’s digital and analog activities. The final results of this laboratory launched throughout these weeks and will crucially shape NODE17. Hope lab has been made possible by experimente#digital – a cultural initiative by Aventis Foundation.

With Lauren McCarthy, Jeremy Bailey, Florian Egermann, Kathia von Roth & Felix Kosok.

Choreographic Coding Lab Nairobi / Frankfurt

In cooperation with Goethe Institut and Choreographic Coding Lab Nairobi / Frankfurt, artists are invited to develop an artistic performance project. Starting point is the initiation of a dialogue around the connection between movement and technology and its application in modern and contemporary dance, theatre and performance. The choreographic coding lab under the auspices of Motion Bank kicked off in Nairobi earlier this year. We are excited to showcase the results of the collaboration at this year’s NODE17. With Alacoque Ntome, Amelie Hinrichsen, Awuor Onyango, Benjamin van Bebber, Else Tunemyr, Jared Onyango, Leo Hofmann and Melisa Allela.

For tickets and further information click here.

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