NODE17 x FRAMED – Call for submissions!

NODE17 x FRAMED are calling for vvvv artwork submissions for the forthcoming festival taking place in Frankfurt/Germany from 26 June until 2nd of July, 2017. Just like for NODE15, the artworks will be on display in the hackspace throughout the event.

NODE17 is a week full of art, discourse and learning. It is a platform for exchange among artists, designers and technologists, thinkers, practitioners and curious people of all ages who like to think beyond their daily scope. NODE is a forum, a laboratory to explore, play and perform.

If you’re a visual artist, looking for a way to get your patches out into the world, FRAMED offers a great platform for you. The device is an all-in-one flat-screen computer that allows you to run vvvv/vl works (in addition to Processing, openFrameworks, Flash, Cinder and others). You can upload your patches to their gallery, set a price and have people from all over the world buy them for display on their personal devices.

As an inspiration here is a list of artworks that your fellow patchers have made with vvvv and are available on the framed store at the moment: Gelim, Twilight and Emergence by Arash Akbari / dmh_kneidl_pattern_01 by Daniel Huber / Osmosis by schnellebuntebilder (above) and Empty Set by Stain

From today you can upload your artworks in either

  • vvvv50_beta35.5_x86 + Addonpack + DX11 Pack 1.0.1
  • vvvv.js

format and everyone will be able to view them during NODE. The vvvv team created a template for vvvv50 that provides a simple setup to start from. For vvvv.js you simply provide a URL using the feed feature on the FRAMED website.

Deadline: 20th June 2017 OPEN

For more information and how to submit, see this blog entry on vvvv website.

FRAMED | NODE17 | vvvv | GitHub


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