Radiance – A database of artistic VR experiences

There are moments when looking for decent VR projects is kind of like scanning the countless stars in the sky in hopes of finding intelligent life; many creators are making VR but a lot of that work is built around film and videogame industry expectations. Enter Radiance VR, a new initiative by researchers/curators Philip Hausmeier and Tina Sauerlaender that collects and collates artist-created VR projects and posts them to a public database. The resource went live about two weeks ago with the following announcement:

Radiance is an online research platform and database for artistic VR experiences. Its mission is to present visual artists from all over the world working in the medium of VR. Radiance wants to create visibility and accessibility for VR art and for a faster adoption of virtual technologies in general … Radiance works at the interface between artists and art institutions and creates research access for curators all over the world.

Artists whose work is already plugged-in include Li Alin, Claire Hentschker, Theo Triantafyllidis, Miyö Van Stenis, and about two dozen others. The ‘entries’ for each project are pretty rudimentary, but provide the basic project summary and screenshots/video that a curator or cultural producer would need to assess if a project might fit into an exhibition they are working on. If this resource grows and is well maintained it could become quite useful – we suggest you keep an eye on it.

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