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XYscope – A Processing library to render graphics on a vector display

Created by Ted Davis, XYscope is a library for Processing to render graphics on a vector display (oscilloscope, laser) by converting them to audio. This includes most primitive shapes (point, line, rect, ellipse, vertex, …) by converting those points to waveforms (oscillators with custom wavetables) and generating audio in real time using the Minim library. Only tested on MacOS 10.9.5+, but should work on Windows.

View the progress on Ted’s Instagram → /eddavisdotorg or see his GitHub for more.

XYscope | Ted Davis


  1. Blabberbytes says

    How do I hook up the oscilloscope to the computer to communicate?

    • teddavisdotorg says

      Easiest method, BNC » Phono/RCA adaptors on your oscilloscope (which should be set to X-Y mode), then run a stereo 1/8″ jack to split phono/RCA cable from your laptop to the oscilloscope. Eventually, you’ll want to use a better DC-coupled DAC (MOTU works great) for a more stable signal drawing and multi-channel to play with z-axis blanking. + be sure to check out Jerobeam Fenderson’s recent tutorial series on youtube for further advice.

      • Chelo Agustin says

        Hi Ted, thx so much for sharing the lib. A bit of a noob question here: unfortunately, I haven’t been able to install the lib on processing. Might it be that the .zip is missing a file?
        Thank you!

        • teddavisdotorg says

          Hi Chelo, sure sure and thanks for the note! The github was setup for compiling – I’ve just added a ‘release’ that’s a complete folder to drag and drop into the processing/libraries folder.

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