04. flora – Felix Martinez

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  • A new piece on the series of landscape explorations. This time curl-noise is calculated to perform vertex displacement at the instanced-mesh level, which creates a wobbly effect on top of a bunch of distorted semi-spheres that had previously been distributed in 3D space on random positions in xz and fbm noise as a height map to provide the y positions. The way colours are applied is been reworked from previous iterations. Now the system hosts a curated set of 24 different color palettes baked in a small texture that is sent to the pixel shader in order to sample the relevant color based on the hash provided by the platform. The piece is developed using WebGL2 so please make sure your device supports that technology before minting ✨ Features that depend on the hash: – General color palette – Initial offset for the terrain – Noise frequency – Camera starting position Created and minted on December 2021 by Felix Martinez – @sirokos P.S. This piece is been mostly coded under the effects of COVID-19.
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