1000 Autonomes – Universal Everything

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  • 1 of 1000 models from Universal Everything's Autonome generator. In this generative video work, which has never been shown before, Universal Everything push the limits of visual technological innovations to create a fantasy fashion show. These endlessly delightful characters strut towards the viewer in a randomized combination of form, size and material. Each has their own anthropomorphic walk and personality, as well as a unique garment that could only exist in the digital sphere. Their outrageous, seductive couture takes the language of fashion and makes it oversized, fluid and truly space-age. An image of the future that is positivist, while at the same time questioning the role and need of designers at all.
    Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/3788d61f-e9c3-478b-b11a-83dcd2135363
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