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  • a non-existing botany [interactive] chaos in order #5 experimental vintage series press “C” to turn on/off outline mode press “V” to show/hide grid press “B” to show/hide help press “S” to take 4096p screenshot in live view [experimental] generating sequence: color palette roll 1-10 (10% each variant) background color roll 1-5 (20% each variant) grid roll 1-10 (10% each variant) mode (40% normal, 40% fruit, 20% autumn) main leaf group shape 1-10 roll (10% each variant , positions of leaves and noise are allways random) 3x small leaf group roll (40% none, 30% normal, 30% white) rotation Positions of leaves and fruit are allways random with each reload, variants determine overall shape of whole leaf groups, not individual leaves. Some colors may be overriden by others, be sure to test variations and observe features before minting. best viewed in 1:1 aspect ratio (requires GPU, may load slowly at some time)
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