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  • Overlapping rings of lines spin to create mesmerizing, meditative moiré patterns. The longer you watch, the more the colors mix to create wild blends and waves of iridescence before meeting back up where it started in a perfect loop. If you look long enough, you may even see impossible colors. The colors follow a color scheme (split complementary, analogous, square, triad, or monochromatic) to ensure the colors blend well together. About 1% of the pieces will be ghosted, meaning the color is almost entirely drained out, creating an eery, ethereal look. These are the rarest ones. The gradient mode dictates how the colors in-between the scheme are generated. “Direct Path” is a simple gradient between the colors, while “Color wheel walk” means the hue “walked” the color wheel to get to its next color likely picking up other colors along the way. Other traits are the skew angle of the lines, the speed of the rotation, and the size of the ring. These look even better full screen.
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  • can.nft$.v1.2021.11
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