Antigravity – Ivan Dianov

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  • To change size or quality, open the IPFS link in a separate window and append to its url a string like `&quality=400&tiles=9,16`. You may notice two parameters in it: `quality` and `tiles`.
    `quality` is an integer from 1 to ~1000, the better the quality — the slower the rendering. Default is 200.
    `tiles` is a number of 256×256 px tiles to render. Can be an integer (for square images) or two integers separated with a comma (for rectangular). `tiles=9,16` will make an image with width of 9×256 px = 2304 px and height of 16×256 px = 4096 px. If not set, adapts to screen size.
    Press `s` to save the image.
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