Atoms’ Gaze – KRANKARTA
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  • How the lives of many affect the whole. A holistic exploration of the growth of crystalline structures. Discovering the complexity of natural forms built from the simple rules of a deterministic system. What choice do individuals have but to be part of the story? As microscopic particles interact and coalesce they form the macrocosm. The path they take however, is only known once it is complete. Along the way they may encounter many or none at all; each instance defining its past and future. The only knowns are that this will be the only path they take and that it’ll always end. Enjoy watching the structures form. Due to the nature of the system it may take some time to complete. Once it’s fully rendered you can download a full resolution image by ***double clicking/tapping*** Features include: palette, foreground and background structures, particle rules, number of particles, colour displacement and noise. Created on Chrome desktop 100.0 on 2022-04-16. Results on other browsers/devices may vary.
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