Brutalist – nekropunk

  • Description
  • from depths
    the architect ponder
    reshape my world
    in hollow order
    experimental vintage series
    press "C" to turn on/off outlines
    press "V" to turn on/off background objects and grid, if any present
    press "B" to turn on/off rotation
    press "N" to reload with different layout, 3 iterations to cycle through
    press "UP arrow" to increase render scale multiplier by x1 (maximum is x4, default is x3)
    press "DOWN arrow" to decrease render scale multiplier by x1 (minimum is x1)
    press "S" to save png in live view
    Positions of searchlights are set for each iteration, but their on/off state and rotation changes on each reload.
    Only main features are displayed, hidden might override colors, observe iterations before minting.
    Preview image is taken at lower resolution scale.
    Best viewed fullscreen in high resolution.
    (designed for PC, requires GPU and may load slowly at some time)
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