Caustics – nudoru
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  • Domain warped noise and circles simulating the caustic effects of light through a column of water. The pattern is rendered by two passes of variable poisson sampling. Viewing in desktop Chrome is recommended for the best results. Press ’s’ to save a screenshot. Image size is 928x1200px Press ’p’ to pause/resume. Add ‘&size=#’ to the end of the live view URL to render a variation of your edition at a resolution up to 5,000 px. Common Features: – 40+ color palettes – 50/50 color or black and white – If color, 50/50 full color or mono + right color palette – Dark or light background – Variable number of bubbles – Variable spacing between bubbles – Pattern intensity through bubbles – Pattern banding Rare – 20% dark with duotone palettes of grey + gold, bronze, or blue Copyright (c) 2022 Matt Perkins,, @nudoru on Twitter. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, see LICENSE.txt for more information.
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