chorégraphie – Guido Schmidt

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  • … divided in two,
    like the parent in sound and motion.
    yet not exactly the same, I get …
    chorégraphie explores the algorithmic characteristics of recursion in audiovisual form.
    The algorithm performs a recursive split. At each split stage, space is divided into four different sized quadrants. Each split stage will eventually spawn an oscillator or a synthesizer representing the current properties of recursion in sound. The process is recursively repeated until a maximum recursion depth is reached or an early return condition is met.
    Additionally, an initial motion funnction is randomly selected and propageted through the recursion, so that each recursive split stage with move depending on it’s split properties in combination with time.
    Click into the piece to start the audio. Each piece can be seeded with a new initial configuration by pressing the ‘s’ key.
    © 2022 — Guido Schmidt
    Created with:
    p5, tone,, random
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